Used Euro Pallet 1200x800x144mm (Grade B) EPAL Wood Pallet


EPAL Certified Euro Pallet (Used Grade B) – Designed for Robustness and Global Compliance, 1500kg Load Capacity.

  • Superior load capacity of 1500kg for handling heavy goods
  • ISPM15 certified and KD treated for international transport
  • 3-skid design with 4-way access for operational flexibility
  • Complies with the EPAL standard, ensuring reliability
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The Euro Pallet is universally known for its design and robustness. Essential to Europe’s material handling, it offers a fixed and efficient size of 1200x800x144mm. This pallet is EPAL-certified and revered for its exceptional quality. Dependable, it’s more than just a pallet. This versatile tool is key to optimizing your logistics.

Used Euro Pallet (Grade B) – 1200x800x144mm, EPAL Wood


Robust Load Capacity

The Euro Pallet bears substantial weight, comfortably supporting a dynamic load of up to 1500kgs. Thus, it’s ideal for heavy cargo handling. Also, the pallet’s static load capacity stands at a striking 4000kg when stationary, showcasing its ruggedness.

Versatile & Functional Design

This Pallet proudly presents a high load capacity, opening the door to a wide array of applications. The 3-skid design, complemented by 5 boards, ensures compatibility with diverse material handling equipment. Consequently, it enables 4-way access for pallet trucks and forklifts. This strategic design choice significantly amplifies operational flexibility.

International Compliance

If your business operates globally, consider this pallet. It holds an ISPM15 certification and undergoes KD treatment, preparing it for international transportation outside the EU. Thus, you can confidently meet global phytosanitary standards with your pallet choice.

Euro Pallet Standard and Markings

This Euro Pallet stands in line with the EPAL standard. You can spot the “EPAL in oval” clearly on both the left and right corner block, in place since 08/2013. Similarly, the central block showcases the IPPC symbol, country code, and registration number of the national plant protection authority. It also features heat treatment details and a licence number sorted by year and month. This arrangement aids in easy identification and tracking.

Facing heavy load logistics or cross-border transportation? Or perhaps you’re focused on maximizing your warehouse efficiency? This Pallet offers a strong foundation for any scenario. Boost your supply chain security today with this sturdy, reliable, and globally acknowledged Euro Pallet.

The pallets can be manufactured with raw wood blocks or particle wood blocks.


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Weight 25.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 14.4 cm
Length (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):



Timber wood

Load Capacity (kg)

1500kg (Dynamic) / 4000kg (Static)

Material Specification

EPAL Standard
ISPM15 Certified

Design Feature

3 Skids / 5 Boards


"EPAL in oval" on left and right corner block (since 08/2013).
"IPPC symbol", country code, registration number of the national plant protection authority, heat treatment, license number-year-month on the central block.


Used Grade B

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