Used Euro Pallet 1200x800x144mm (Grade A) EPAL Wood Pallet


Our Used Grade A Euro Pallet is robust, versatile, and designed to handle substantial weight with ease.

  • EPAL certified for guaranteed high quality and performance
  • 1500kg dynamic load capacity for heavy-duty applications
  • Treated with ISPM15 and KD for unrestricted international use
  • Convenient 4-way access design with 3 skids and 5 boards
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In European logistics, the Euro Pallet stands out as an undeniable stalwart. Boasting EPAL certification, this pallet carries precise dimensions of 1200x800x144mm and timber wood construction. It demonstrates its dependability across various industries. Furthermore, its impressive load capacity and robustness meet the high demands of heavy-duty transportation. To top it off, its design promotes a wide range of usage.

Used Euro Pallet grade A – 1200x800x144mm, EPAL Wood


High-Performance Load Capacity

The Euro Pallet stands out, supporting a dynamic load capacity of 1500kg. Moreover, it boasts a static load capacity of 4000kg. Consequently, it’s capable of handling substantial weight. Furthermore, its high load capacity provides broad utility across various applications.

Certified Quality and Treatment

We treat every Used Euro Pallet (Grade A) with ISPM15 and KD (Kiln-Dried) for safe and efficient use. Thanks to the ISPM15 certification, you can transport these pallets outside the European Union seamlessly. Thus, this feature offers unrestricted global transportation.


Engineered with 3 skids and 5 boards, the pallet can be accessed from all four sides with a pallet truck and forklift, making it practical and convenient for operational use.

Quality Grade of Used Euro Pallet

This particular model falls into the Used Grade A category, affirming its top-notch quality and performance, despite being previously used.


Markings on the Euro Pallet are distinct. “EPAL in oval” adorns the left and right corner blocks since August 2013. Moreover, the central block carries the IPPC symbol, country code, and registration number of the national plant protection authority. It also indicates the heat treatment, license number, year, and month.

This EPAL Pallet offers more than high quality, reliability, and sturdiness. Indeed, it’s a trusted logistic partner that goes beyond being just a pallet. With the Euro Pallet, you have a robust ally for all your logistic needs.

Why buying a used Euro Pallet?

Opting for a used Euro Pallet brings several advantages. Primarily, it’s a cost-effective solution, being significantly less expensive than a new pallet. Moreover, used pallets are often just as sturdy and reliable, having been inspected and repaired if necessary. They also contribute to sustainable practices by promoting reuse, thereby reducing demand for new wood and saving resources. Furthermore, used Euro Pallets are already ISPM15 certified for international shipping, adding convenience. Choosing a used pallet doesn’t mean compromising on quality; instead, it offers an economical, eco-friendly, and practical solution for your logistics needs.

The pallets can be manufactured with raw wood blocks or particle wood blocks.


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Weight 25.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 14.4 cm
Length (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):



Timber wood

Load Capacity (kg)

1500kg (Dynamic) / 4000kg (Static)

Material Specification

EPAL Standard
ISPM15 Certified

Design Feature

3 Skids / 5 Boards


"EPAL in oval" on left and right corner block (since 08/2013).
"IPPC symbol", country code, registration number of the national plant protection authority, heat treatment, license number-year-month on the central block.


Used Grade A

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