New Euro Pallet 1200x800x144mm – EPAL Wooden Pallet 1500kg Load


Most common wooden pallet in Europe. New wooden EPAL euro pallet with dimensions of 1200x800x144mm. The load capacity is 1500kg.

  • Load Capacity: 1500kg dynamic and 4000kg static load.
  • Quality: Compliant with EPAL standards and ISPM15 certified.
  • Design: Accessible from 4 sides with pallet truck and forklift.
  • Robust: Crafted from durable timber wood.
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240 Units 17.51 % 16.49
480 Units 30.02 % 13.99
700+ Units 35.02 % 12.99

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Serving as a standout among the most widespread wooden pallets in Europe, this pallet meets demanding warehousing and shipping needs with its tailored design. Featuring firm dimensions of 1200x800x144mm, the New EPAL certified Euro Pallet we offer excels at handling dynamic loads up to 1500kgs. Moreover, it withstands static loads up to 4000kgs. Hence, for heavy-duty operations, this pallet becomes an invaluable resource.

New Euro Pallet – 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood


Key Features:

  • High Load Capacity: Our Euro Pallet’s superior design allows for a dynamic load capacity of 1500kg and a static load capacity of 4000kg. This high load capacity ensures your goods remain safe and secure, regardless of weight.
  • EPAL Standard & ISPM15 Certified: Manufactured in accordance with the stringent EPAL technical regulations, our Euro Pallets are ISPM15 certified. This means they meet international standards for phytosanitary measures, making them suitable for transportation outside the European Union.
  • Versatile & Accessible Design: Equipped with 3 skids and 5 boards, our Euro Pallets can be accessed from 4 sides with a pallet truck and forklift. This unique design promotes efficiency, especially in high-volume warehouse settings.

Whether you’re transporting goods domestically or internationally, buying our Euro Pallets deliver unmatched performance and security. Trust in our ISPM15 certified, EPAL standard wood pallets for your heavy-duty tasks – because when it comes to your goods, only the best will do.

Why buying a new Euro pallet?

Investing in a new Euro pallet offers multiple benefits, enhancing your logistics process. First, you’re guaranteed impeccable quality – these pallets are built to exacting standards, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. Next, the uniform design enables seamless integration into existing supply chains, streamlining operations. Additionally, their high load capacity caters to diverse applications, from lightweight to heavy-duty cargo. The pallets are ISPM15 certified, easing international shipping concerns. Moreover, being new, these pallets present a clean, professional appearance, upholding your company’s image. Lastly, they offer longevity, saving you replacement costs down the line, ultimately improving your return on investment.

The pallets can be manufactured with raw wood blocks or particle wood blocks.


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Weight 25.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 14.4 cm
Length (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):



Timber wood

Load Capacity (kg)

1500kg (Dynamic) / 4000kg (Static)

Material Specification

EPAL Standard
ISPM15 Certified

Design Feature

3 Skids / 5 Boards


"EPAL in oval" on left and right corner block (since 08/2013).
"IPPC symbol", country code, registration number of the national plant protection authority, heat treatment, license number-year-month on the central block.



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