Become our partner, BOP Model

Because pallet business is first a local solution

Flat Cargo is more than a pallet provider or an industrial packaging supplier. We are a global player thanks to our Partner Network of wood and metal Packaging. Thanks to our BOP Model we are giving to partners to join our network and accelerate their development.

Packaging consulting services

Why to join Flat Cargo network ?

The market and standard change the client are looking not only about the product but delivering a complete supply chain have

  • Sustainable your business
  • Digitize your process
  • Connect to new customer
  • Access to a global stock platform
  • Improve your cost
Packaging consulting services

Interest of joining our partnership journey

  1. 1. Get new lead base on your location
  2. 2. Support on using our ERP solution dedicated on the packaging environment
  3. 3. Join the force our Sales Force network
  4. 4. Special condition for our Brand labeling product
  5. 5. Access to our source and partner network for material

Step to start with us

First contact



Operational setting

Introduction of our program and mode of operation

Evaluate your company to establish a business plan

Defination of the option Contract signature between both parties

Deployement of our tool and system with necessary training

Process to apply or get more information:


Wish to know more about our partner program


We bring you all the ingredient to grow your business in your region

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