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Euro Pallets - Size 1200x800x144mm - EPAL Wood

Buy Wooden Euro Pallets for transport and storage

Discover top-quality new and used wood Euro pallets for sale. EPAL-approved sizes and dimensions, ensuring safe and efficient transport. Low price, Shop now!

Enjoy the perfect pallet solution with Flat Cargo for your logistics management needs in Europe. All in all our Euro Wood Pallet is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, size and eco-friendliness, ensuring that your company’s supply chain runs smoothly and cost-effectively.

Quality Craftsmanship, Durable Performance, Wooden Pallets

Our Euro Pallets for sale are built with premium materials, offering exceptional durability and reliability. The strong construction ensures safe transportation of your goods, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Plus, the eco-friendly design helps reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Features & Benefits Buying Euro Pallets

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from top-grade timber, our wood pallets are built to last.
  • Efficient Size Design: The standardized dimensions of Euro Pallets make them perfect for optimizing warehouse space and streamlining logistics operations.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our pallets are made from sustainably sourced timber, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive pricing and bulk discounts mean you get the best value for your investment.
  • Fast Delivery: With our rapid shipping services, you’ll receive your pallets when you need them.

Trusted by European Logistics Managers

As a European Logistics Manager, understanding the significance of a reliable, low-cost pallet supplier is vital. With Flat Cargo, rest assured that our Euro Pallets for sale will seamlessly align with your expectations in terms of quality, pricing, and speedy delivery. Our user-friendly website streamlines your ordering process, allowing you to center your attention on managing your logistics operations.

The logistics industry is deeply rooted in the use of Euro pallets, as they are the most globally recognized exchange pallets, and hold a particularly significant role in Europe. There are over 650 million Euro pallets in global circulation, playing an instrumental role in facilitating the smooth transportation of goods.

Employing Euro pallets paves the way for secure cross-border shipping across the globe, ensuring an uninterrupted cargo transport and proficient logistics management. These wood pallets create a stable storage environment for a wide range of goods, enhancing warehouse operations and inventory control.

Consistently delivering on maximum occupational safety, meeting the most rigorous industry standards, and instilling confidence in transportation and storage processes, Euro pallets present exceptional quality as a standard size.

Source: European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)

Euro Pallets Size, Dimensions, Weight and Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Boards 11
Nails 78
Blocks 9
Length 800 mm
Width 1,200 mm
Height 144 mm
Weight approx. 25 kg
Safe working load 1,500 kg
Maximum additional load 4,000 kg when stacking
Production standard Produced according to the EPAL technical regulations
Side view of an 800mm Euro Pallet
Side view of a 1200mm Euro Pallet
Top View of Euro Pallet

Euro Pallets Markings EPAL

Every EPAL Euro Pallet for sale comes with specific markings that confirm its authenticity and standards compliance. Here’s how you can decipher these markings:

  1. European Pallet Association Branding: This is the official marking of the European Pallet Association e.V.
  2. IPPC Branding: This marking is in accordance with the national plant protection rules and has been mandatory for EPAL pallets since 01/01/2010.
  3. Country Code: This indicates the country where the pallet was produced.
  4. Plant Protection Authority Number: This is the registration number of the responsible Plant Protection Authority.
  5. Treatment Method: This signifies the method of treatment, typically heat treatment.
  6. EPAL Control Staple: This is a mandatory staple for quality control purposes.
  7. Repair Marking Nail: If present, this indicates that the wood pallet is a repaired EPAL pallet.
  8. Licence Number – Year – Month: This provides details about the production timeline and the licence number of the manufacturer.

Source: European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)

Wood Pallet with EPAL Marking

Identifying Non-exchangeable EPAL European Pallets:

Wood Pallet Missing board

  • A missing board is a clear sign of a non-exchangeable pallet.

Pallet Missing or split block

  • If a block is missing or split, revealing more than one nail shank, the pallet becomes non-exchangeable. In addition, blocks must not be twisted beyond a 10 mm protrusion.

Pallet Splintered bottom or deck board

  • A bottom or deck board that is splintered to the point of revealing more than one nail shank is a clear indication of a non-exchangeable pallet.

Pallet Twisted blocks

  • Euro pallets with twisted blocks exceeding a 10 mm protrusion are deemed non-exchangeable.

EPAL Pallet Broken board

  • A board that’s broken transversally or diagonally is an unmistakable sign of a non-exchangeable pallet.

Further features of poor general condition

  • The safe working load is compromised due to rot, decay, heavy splintering, or damaged stringers.
  • The wood pallet has contamination that could potentially affect the payload.
  • The presence of heavy splintering on multiple blocks.
  • The use of unacceptable components such as overly thin boards or undersized blocks.

Source: European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)

In accordance with quality standards, EPAL Euro pallets deemed unfit for use should be repaired following the guidelines set out by the EPAL Technical Regulations. In order to maintain the utmost quality and safety, only licensed repair operations are authorized to mend these Euro pallets.

Unlicensed repair of EPAL Euro pallets is subject to legal prosecution, underscoring the importance of professional and authorized service in preserving the integrity of these pallets. Finally adhering strictly to the EPAL Technical Regulations, only dimensionally accurate components are permitted for use in the repair process.

After undergoing these rigorous, regulation-compliant repairs, EPAL pallets should once again meet the quality classification denoting them as fit for use.

Buy Pallets online with Confidence for EPAL Certified EU Pallets

With Flat Cargo, you’re choosing the gold standard in logistics with EPAL certified Euro pallets. Need them for your logistics operations? Look no further, as we’re your one-stop destination for all your wood pallet needs at low price. For this reason, Euro pallets are renowned for their universal usage across Europe, designed to specific dimensions and requirements as per the European Pallet Association.

Discover the benefits and prices of our Euro Pallets today and take your logistics operations to the next level. Order online now and enjoy the efficiency, durability, and eco-friendliness that Flat Cargo’s Pallets provide.

Variety and Quality: Buy Our Wooden Euro Pallets Assortment

Flat Cargo takes pride in providing a diverse range of EPAL Euro pallets: from first choice to used and brand-new ones. Presently each of our wooden Euro pallets is designed for durable, secure storage and transport of all your goods and products. We deliver new pallets strictly adhering to EPAL’s quality guidelines. In short all our EPAL Euro pallets come in a standard size of 1200×800 mm, equipped with three skids, a robust load capacity of up to 1500 kg, and offering four-way forklift access. Crafted with thick, sturdy wooden boards, these pallets are ideal for heavy loads requiring forklift transport.

Alongside EPAL certified Euro pallets, you will enjoy an array of other Euro-sized 1200×800 mm pallets, manufactured from wood, plastic, and wood fibre. Trust us for your pallet needs, and let’s drive your logistics to success.

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